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I loved school, well part 2 cos part 1was run by a sadistic nun.
Secondary school was handing the shopkeeper a note 'buying my mum cigs' and then selling them as 20p singles. Dinner time we walked a couple of miles off that Scottish delicacy a deep fried pizza supper for a quid. Got the bus back. All in an hour.
I was a clever cunt as in the coursework, but any daft stuff I got up to, I always got caught. Mind in RE class thinking al have a laugh and singe a lassies hair with a lighter. Fuck me the hairspray she must have had on it. Went up like a bonfire, teacher had tae put his suit jacket over her. Nae dening that one was me, standing gub open in shock with a lighter in my hand.
Funniest ever was same teacher. My pal pipes up one day 'sir a word of advice, if you gonni sit behind your desk rubbing your man bits, you should at least wash your hands after using the blackboard, your groins covered in white chalk 😂😂
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