Scotland v Ukraine Nations League 19.45 CPT live ITV 4

Bridie Bhoy

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A couple of years ago I thought that Che Adams was a hopeless donkey, but now I appreciate his hard work. OK he still doesn't convince me he is a natural goalscorer but he gives 100% every time.

This ref must think that he is not allowed to penalise Ukrainian players!

If we were 5 up it would not flatter us. We have completely dominated them.


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Okey dokay, my gripe is why are they letting craig lev, 1-10 comment on an attacking player. ? Also the quote, " like a shot in the arm" sod it..


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Scotland's most dominant performance in years and definitely the most exciting tactics by Steve Clarke that I can remember. Well done lads.

Of course we will blow it against Ireland as that is what we do!
Really was the best performance for a Scottish side for ...ever!
Thankfully our bhoys have come through unscathed despite the Ukrainians thinking they were playing v Russia
Couldve been 6 the night

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