Scottish Cup Semi Final Draw


Time to start the winding up the clown shoes

Piling on the agony, puting on the style,
My preference was definitely get them in the cup semi. Don't want them anywhere near a final.
If we can give them another skelping at home in the league before this game it would drain them where as we still have to go to the Cesspit before the final.
By the time that game comes around they will have nothing to play for other than their usual hatefest.
The main challenge for us will be keeping injury free during the international break.
Expect the usual what they are going to do the pundits building them the mouth pieces saying how much they have improved yes a miracle is about to take place at Ibloss when the trouth of the matter is when the get beat in the semi final thier season is over and Celtic are odds on for the treble which will kill thier supporters the last thing they wanted was to meet us in the semi,no doubt they will be calling thier men in black to come to thier aid with VAR malfunction in fact every trick in the book to help them mind Celtic are used to that,they have no answer to Celtics skill or speed they know that every Celtic Player can score which they will Celtic to win 3-0
I have seen enough nonsense in my lifetime to take nothing for granted. I know we still have some work to do to secure the league title although we are in a very strong position. Also, anything can happen in a cup game and the underdog diddy team can always overcome the bigger better side through hard work/luck/dodgy refereeing. For the same reasons as most I am happier getting them in the semi final, but even if/when we beat them I will not celebrate winning the cup until we have actually won the final.

All the premature chat about trebles - some of it even in the first half of the season - makes me feel uneasy as they are historically very rare (although admittedly we have lived through glorious unprecedented times in the last few years). Even "just" winning a double seems to be a bit of a letdown to some fans these days, which is a shame but also a direct consequence of our recent successes.

It is a cliché because it is true, but the most important fixture for Celtic is Hibs on Saturday at 3pm. After that then we need to focus on Ross County on Sunday 2nd at 12:00, only then think about the derby game on Saturday 8th at 12:30. This semi final isn't for another 6+ weeks.