Scottish referees more aware than ever about what is at stake as Celtic go for 10 in a row

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Worrying statement,

He said: “I can absolutely guarantee you that the referees officiating in the Scottish Premiership know exactly what is at stake this season.”

and will probably do their best to make sure Celtic doesn’t win it, what’s the chances of the huns breaking the SPFL penalty award records they set last year?
1st Rangers (1 pen every 411 mins, 87% conversion)
7th Celtic (1 pen every 681 mins, 71.4% conversion)

Rangers four penalties against St Mirren a club record, cheating on epic scale, right in front of our eyes, only 1 penalty off the world record, known hun sympathiser Andrew Dallas in charge of that one,

I expect this year will be a LOT WORSE that usual....😡


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This is why we need VAR in the Scottish game, while I really don`t like it personaly, der hun would be shown up, eg, diving, wee sleekit punches you know the kinda thing.
Ahhh but there lies the problem tic. The more "competent" referees down south have absolutely cocked up in nearly every game when it comes to VAR....opening themselves up for accusations of cheating by some fans. I've heard on several building sites down here "how the refs have made sure united got champs league"....ive watched games where it is so obvious to the commentators, fans and pundits what the correct decision should be, only for the refs in VAR to make the complete wrong call. There's a bit of outrage for 10 minutes then it blows imagine VAR in scotland, with shit refs and a compliant media. Celtic would NOT benefit and the huns would certainly not be called out on anything. We all saw moreloss get off with kicks, stamps and punches in one match, where the ref saw it all, the media saw it all, the compliance officer saw it all, the whole country saw it all from different angles on cameras all around the pitch. Absolutely no punishment. VAR would have given nothing either.
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Interesting :unsure:

Why would a ref comment on football and narrow it down to a two team tournament, stories to keep the hun relevant and who goes looking for refs to interview them with an agenda to create a story that never existed, what a load of shite, there will be nothing different with the refs it will be business as usual, when you look at Beatons performance then how could it get any worse.


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I would stick my cash on being on the end of some horrendous decisions this season
Maybe not. its a lot harder to give dodgy decisions known that this season every camera angle is not easy to brush aside it will not only be sky editing and filming our games this time round and decisions will be scrutinised and pressure put on if not compliant with the rules.
Further with no English football this is an opportunity for clubs to showboat their talent with a hope to sell, so decisions will be vital.

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