Sectarian singing ??


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Another own goal im afraid, but he must have selective hearing as he never seems to mention anything on this subject after games against the Zombies, or do they take the day off when they play the sheep, fair enough Derek if you want to have a discussion about dodgy songs at football matches, but it's very difficult to have one with you when you only hear it from one side, for the record, for me, calling someone an orange bastard isn't sectarian , it's defo abuse though, calling someone a proddy bastard is sectarian, and shameful, used to hear it a lot back in the day and thats the era it belongs to.

50 Shades of Green

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Maybe if he stops sending his players out to maim Celtic players then it will stop.

I do get were your coming from though, but were does it stop, once that song stops the morally offended will pick another and another.

Let the people sing.....

Next thing you know they will want us to stop flying the tri-colour,,,,o wait,,,,


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Maybe he should have a word with his own support ,,,nah didn't think so

As for hoping the sfa are listening the good ,lets hope they have their hearing aids in next week

bitterness from the raging badger ,,,,no surprise there
Good shout Kelly, the flock have been out of order with some of their songs recently, never heard a peep from the badger, he's starting to look ridiculous now, I suppose his record against us is getting to him pal.


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It's about time we stop playing in to the hands of the SMSM and singing "Sad Orange Barstuard".At Aberdeen yesterday we done that and now they are having a field day about it.McInnes is good at playing the victim and asking the SFA if they were listening,another fine on the way to the club.

Yeah. Ok. We’ll stop when every other scumbag fans stop getting away with singing their hatred and bile.


Most of what they say about our “sectarian songs” are actually folk songs made and sung to temember the oppressed and a couple of warriors who stood up like hero’s for the oppressed.

HH ☘

Niall J

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I said most to be fair. And sad orange bastard ive heard a lot eorse aimed at us from others so why they greetin.

Fuck i was going to get stabbed coz i was carrying a scarf to the game across the road ftom CP.

So they can fkn dry their greetin mushes imo.

No disrepect meant to yoursel or your opinion ??
None taken from you Maria. Honest as the day is long you are, you have my respect.
For what it's worth I almost agree with you. Except I came to the conclusion some time ago, that if everyone looks at each other and just says 'what about them' we just go round in circles. I think this is the ONLY questionable song we have left. It was first sung by that lot to Tommy Burns (another reason I detest it) so it's one we've nicked from them (we don't need to do that for sure). Bin that one song and I'll defend every other in repertoire our until i'm hoarse. I have and I will.

Niall J

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Ps i wasnt singin any songs at the time i was on my own well apart from being 39 weeks pregnant.
We know what they are like. The scarf would be enough to them. I had a mate who used to live in Aberdeen. He thought we were as bad as each other. Then he moved to Glasgow. He told me he'd never been so wrong. He's lived here 20 years now, not a Rangers fan mate in his phone. All Tims. We aren't like them nor should we lower ourselves. We welcome. They hate.(y)