sevco have gambled everything on being in europe after Christmas at a massive cost..

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Aye, and a tory mp saying that £82,000 per annum was a bit "grim" too live on????
what fkin planet do these cnuts live on????
Don't know what you're on about, anyone can get through this if you just take the time to lay off half a dozen or so of your servants (fuck knows where they go, hibernation?) It might be a smidge difficult, for example, you may need to wipe your own arse after a BM, but I believe in you, and your horrifically toxic entitlement. Actually, no. Fuck the lot of you pricks that think playing a fuckin game is somehow important. There are people within 10 yards of you starving, but yeah, fuckin game going down eh?

This planet, in as much as we need it, is fucked. I wonder if the next intelligent life will fuck it up as much as we did?

Planet's fine BTW. We've been cunts but we're killing ourselves quicker than the planet, so, before long the earth will just get back to it. We'll be a shitty footnote.

Can't wait!

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