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Bridie Bhoy

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The Pope is handing out miracles to kids in Liverpool. Barry walks on the stage and asks him "Can you help me with my hearing?"

The Pope says "Yes" so gently places his hands on Barry's ears and says a prayer. He removes his hands and asks "How is your hearing now?"

Barry replies "I don't know - it isn't until next Tuesday"!


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Can't join you in hunskelping TED ghuys, still can't log into the Cblog. That moron needs to get out the house more, if his mammy allows it!
if its a real dude

its probably Jif himself

Anybody ever actually seen dude? wouldn't surprise me if he turned out to be Dingwall

Get them hits in and watch the penny arcade flow in and pay for your Celtic obsession

he used to be very objective imo

but he slanted very heavily like a counter ff masonic conspirator

red Jif v blue Dingwalloper

no really much green news imo