Shower a bastards


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From personal experience and my own lack of awareness, I've posted too many comments that were ill-advised and not particularly witty or considerate, Lubo.

They weren't always intended to cause offence (although many were), but a wee bit of thought might have put them in the context in which they were intended.

My 'go-to' defence regarding these posts is the pub theory. If four or five lads and lassies were sitting chatting this out in the boozers, then some of these comments are 5-minute wonders and only exist until someone gets the next round up. In the world where there is a tangible chain of communication, then these often 'throwaway' comments become a forensic audit which tends to repeat.

I'm too old and sick to be losing touch with fine folk and I fully intend to use the pub theory from here on in. I don't know if some of these bridges can be salvaged, I genuinely hope so, as this place can provide a fair bit of sanctuary when it's at its best and there is intelligence and fine humour to be found also. If there is no hope of a reconciliation, then it's still not impossible to enjoy the site without having to fully engage with others.

Peace out, brothers and sisters...........
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