SMSM reports Morelos has agreed personal terms with Lille!


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Do you notice
, the interview is being conducted with the fat slug sitting on a single bed, he’s Never had a girlfriend his life, Probably a junkie now🤣
I mind watching that documentary years ago. What a handsome fat cunt though. 😂

I wish they did a follow follow up on him to see how the last decade of being our punch bag has affected his moronic mind. I would pay good money to see that.


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The wee rat face when he goes takes about 60% of their goals with him. If they get £13m for him I will be shocked, I was convinced he would go for nearer £50m maybe more. Well, that's what sevconians 8n and out of the press have been tryi g to say yes worth, and let's face it, they're never wrong about anything. Be a piss case when he goes.

green sprig

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A realistic figure for more-or=less would be £10--£15m.
The position he plays in always commands the biggest money and this wee fud wont be any different.
What clubs interested in him are looking at are his 29 goals before lockdown,and no doubt his temprament,which as we all know can be a wee bit volatile at times especially when he meets Broony.
Personally I dont think he is going anywhere unless the reason Livingstone knocked back an offer from Barnsley today for Dyke is to let the huns take him over to the cesspit and if that is what happens they can kiss goodbye to a 29 goal striker,Dyke could,nt score 29 at cricket..
Personally I thik there is a better chance Defoe will be at Lille next season....
Depending on his hamstring obviously