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Much has been made this season about the strength of our squad and how over the season it's a major contributory factor in our success. After the last three games, and the manager heavily rotating the starting eleven, this strength notion is being questioned. The reality, imo, is that the strength is from middle to front where we have 2 players for each of the six positions. The defence is where there is little squad depth and once you remove the first choice starting 5 of Hart, Johnston, CCV, Starfelt & Taylor the standard drops quite starkly in comparison to any changes in the midfield/forward areas. Other than possibly Hart I would be happy to go with that 5 in the CL but would be concerned if even one of them was missing and we had to reply on Bain, Ralston, Welsh, Kobayashi & Bernabei.
The summer transfer window priority should be bringing the strength in depth in the defence up to the level of the midfield and attack. Any changes in midfield/attack will be like for like, one in one out. Changes to the defence should be new keeper, right back and centre half (with Montgomery possibly returning to replace Bernabei as back up LB and keep the 'Scottish' quota up for Euro squad).
Bain has just signed up for another 3 years as 3rd choice keeper and Kobayashi needs a full pre season and a summer in the gym.
The other three can go.

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