St Mirren v Celtic Fan Commentary Thread

Lubos left peg

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Rogic booked for trying to get ball off player holding ball...player holding ball not booked???? Emmm. I'm not sure I understand Scottish football rules...Can you kick someone???


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McCLUSKEY YA HUN!!!!! Unbelievable booking for Rogic while the deliberate handball is completely ignored! Not fit for... well.. absolutely anything really! 3 points for the good guys coming HH


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Poor performance, like many last season. Ntcham stupid. All better performers were in the defence who looked comfortable (mainly because St Mirren wouldn’t attack even against 10 men. Boyata, Brown and Forrest our best players.
Celtic complacent, This is probably the lowest rated team that we played. Ntcham stupid. But no sign of the control we should have had. St Mirren have a new manager and their players stepped up, not with quality but with hard work. We need to be better than this