St Mirren v Celtic - Wednesday 16 September - all comments here


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To think we looked forward to this game for days. No urgency and playing more like the snakes way. Sideways and backwards. As for Taylor, he ads width with no threat and i can see the strain on his face. Never Celtic class. Elhamed looked dodgy and Frimpong should have been on at half time. Eddy wanted to dance through a 10 man defence. We got away with this one but again Lennys line ups ask questions.


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If you are playing with 3 at the back you need someone in front of them that moves the ball quickly and forward/wide, ie not Brown.
If you are playing with wing backs you need speed and taking defenders on the outside, ie not Forrest or Taylor.
Brutal watch. Dominated 95% of the game with very few chances created. Too slow in possession, movement off the ball non existent and too many (Edouard, Forrest, Taylor, Brown, Elhamed, Klimala, all of the subs) poor.
The three at the back and two up front will only work is we sort out the midfield. Not sure the manager will do it, he has too many blind spots for too many players.


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half time, hopefully some changes to liven up a lack lustre side. Moi for Taylor, Frimpong for Forrest. We are looking ropey at the back as well as flat up front. Three points more important than an impressive display. Maybe it will improve 2nd half.
excitement free football. Eleven men behind the ball will get this game stopped quicker than covid !!!
We were lousy, nervy, clueless and predictable. Three points are all that matters tho.

Lubos left peg

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Have you anybody in mind Lubo,75% of the teams in this league will park the bus against us,that is enough to keep punters away..

Yes. I'll be 100% honest...the scum. They go at us for 90 minutes. Whether we think they are shite or not they lift their game against us every time. They swarm all over us. When we are playing well we pick them apart but at the moment the likes of County and St Mirren make us look shaky when they attack us. As pish as Kent and Hagi are, they will have a free run of the wings against taylor and forrest.

Bridie Bhoy

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Sadly Broony has become like Bawwy Ferguson's overrated style of play at deidco - far too pedestrian, pointing everywhere, denanding the ball only to lay it off 10 yards then just stand still rather than move to give a positive option for the next pass.

The only difference is when he is a fraction late for a challenge he gets punished with a booking unlike Ferguson who managed to go a whole snarling season lashing out with elbows and kicks without being booked.

I hope he gets up to speed soon!


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I actually get the impression nobody is playing in their best position

Eddy can never get ball to feet coz we lack midfielders who want to play midfield

the gap between defenders and forwards is usually more than 30 yards

we have too many players who dont want to press or defend

and when our passing inevitably gets turned over we have huge holes to exploit. And every half decent or better team we play cuts our defence open who get slaughtered.

Duffy won't solve the problem created by our weak system

complex defending with low risk attacking

should be compound defence reinforcing complex attack.

Christie for me is luxury we cant afford in team every game, especially if forrest stands next to him waiting for 40 yard passes