Statement from Aberdeen


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Will the question be why don't sevco players get disciplined like every other club; why sevco got the easiest draws to reach the quarters and why it was "just decided" they're game would be played at Hampden? My question would be why is Milne asking any questions anyway. Up until now he's been happy to kiss the establishment team's @ss. Pathetic pr@ck
Although he's not quite as pathetic since he stopped wearing that syrup but pathetic none the less HH🍀


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Milnes is up to something! Must know something is gonna come out and he wont be seen in a good light, Maybe Peter Lawell has had a word in his shell like!
The phoney war is over and hopefully the gloves are off!
If Disco had a word, why didn’t he have the balls to speak them? Lawell has said fuck all would be my view.


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I hear ya loud n clear it gets me pissed off as well thinking we're sitting back accepting the crap that's flung at us everyday, but maybe he's keeping his powder dry for a bigger target? Lets hope so.
The only target he is interested in is the financial one that triggers his bonus. Waiting for him to deliver will be longer than me waiting for my cat to start delivering milk.