Stay out of Glasgow city center this Saturday


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.. water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and the killing of firstborn children….
surely the Bible has missed out on the worst plague of all…The Klan.
And what about that bloke Nostradamus…trying to tell me he never seen these morons running riot all over Europe when he was havin one of his stupors?
The excuses and apologies will all be sitting ready to print for the daily rags already, everyone else will just simply ignore it, ur Keevins, Boyds etc, not for the likes of them to risk the wrath of the klan with scrutiny and criticism.
And another thing..why is there never never ever a word out of any other football club in this country about Sevco’s behaviour, its fans and their racism and bigotry and destruction, as it invariably affects them as much as the rest of us??
Im reaching a stage where I could just say ta ta to football completely, totally disillusioned with it and our so called governing bodies utter ineptness.


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I think we can rely on those ''marching'' to produce the best argument for banning these anachronistic demonstrations of sectarian hatred .
The more that ordinary citizens see of these unwashed , uncouth and mostly drunken wretches , the more they will support the complete banning of their distasteful presence from our streets .

The closing off of streets , the re-routing of traffic and the subsequent delays to the public , not to mention the distress caused to many on being confronted with shuffling , ghastly creatures which would be more at home in an episode of the Walking Dead - all of this will NOT endear these dinosaurs to the general public .
They do not have the intelligence to see that THEY are their own worst enemy , and the numerous Walking Dead wearing Sevco colours who accompany them will also highlight the close links and shared prejudices of these racists .
Their days are surely numbered !



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The Govt and the Council have had plenty of chances to put an end to these racist marches closing down a city and causing business's to loose trade it's no coincedence sevco picked there fleg day on the same day

Scotlands shame right enough

the great jc

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Believe it's because they were cancelled in July and let this shite to go ahead along with flag day, so a real hate fest awaits and sure they the scum will deliver as usual
They’re recovering from George square bashunitis they’re on there 3rd one

HH 😂
Like most people who missed out on organised parties for countless different reasons, they shouldn't be allowed another opportunity to carry their hate and bile forward the same year,
...must have been a filthy hun basta who passed it to a later date.

Questions should be asked regarding this.....

What's the difference asking why its wrong to sing "the famine song" and NOT why the OO exist.....except to vent their spleen out on Catholics.......
Its fucking retarded Scotland at its very best.

The Shamrock

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Every cloud has a silver lining and the great unwashed will no doubt superspread Covid to each other. The less there are of them, the better off the world will be.

This is a great chance to bombard the media with vids caught on the day of the rancid bunch doing what the rancid bunch are famous for. Everyone, anyone should make their way into the town centre and record on their mobiles the atrocious behaviour of the peepul. The world should see the shame they bring to this country.


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If anyone is unfortunate to be near these walks, get the phones out and start recording, especially around chapels, keep the spotlight on these peepul, because they just can't help being bigots. Bring earplugs for that fu*kin racket.