Steve Clarke appointed new Scotland manager

Bridie Bhoy

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I have to be honest and say I have championed Clarke the last couple of times we've had a manager vacancy. I always thought he was a brilliant coach - he was always retained as first team coach as Chelsea churned through their managers, suggesting lots of highly thought of experienced managers respected him. I hope he will succeed as Scottish manager, but I think his real strength lies in the day-to-day coaching of players, rather than cobbling together a group of players for a few days every 2 or 3 months.


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I’m delighted. As a Scot I love to see the national team do well. Don’t get me wrong I forgot the last time they did. He’s the right guy. He will get more out of our paltry pantry of talent.

The bottom line is, unless he’s given a wand, we shouldn’t expect too much, I don’t see anybody coming through here that will take us to the next level. The fact is, apart from KT we have no players who could get a game in any really top side. Or those who are moving that that way. Sad but true.

He will get us playing better. As would my cat compared to Eck.

Good luck Stevie. This is my fucking country too. Our family came from the Western Highlands and never took up with the reformation. I have had a total reformation religious wise, but they’re still my tribe. We are Scottish one side, Scots/Irish the other. Celtic men and women to the core. And I mean the F.C variety although we are also tribal Celts.

If he gets us to a finals it would be a great way to celebrate Independence. We can but dream.

Niall J

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If Scotland play 4-5-1 they have an abundance of really good and effective midfielders, 3 good keepers to call on and 2 good left backs.
We struggle at right back, centre half and our 2 best strikers out of action in Leigh Griffiths or injury prone Steven Fletcher.
This is the best I'd think we have. It shows we are weak in key areas. He needs to find centre half pairing and a right back from somewhere. Tough ask. Great manager and best choice for Scotland but Pep would struggle to get a team to compete. He's a brave man to take it on!

GK: :Bain/Gordon/Marshall

LB: Robertson/Tierney

RB: Ralston, Calum Paterson

CB: McKenna, Liam Cooper, Paul Hanlon, John Souttar,


McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong, Ryan Fraser, Forrest, Christie, McGregor, Kenny McClean, James McCarthur

Strikers: Griffiths and Fletcher (both have issues with availability)