Steven Thompson's Sportscene Garbage - Black Bin Bag Beamer for BBC Scotland

Michael D

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Thomson was and continues to be and will always be a diehard, biggoted, self opiniated hun. Why the fcuk he merits to be sitting there on a Sunday evening with his smug, glaikit look whilst all the while espouting his verbal diahorrea is beyond me.

General neutrality and professionalism is meant to be shown by presenters. Look at Michael Stewart, or even oor fans favourite
(šŸ¤”!)Tom English! But Thomson.........

this season is the first in a very long time that we're being genuinely challenged. A new concept and something we've all got tae handle. The media, Daily Ranger and aw, is polishing up the war drums for the months ahead.. Back up the team, let's be ready....