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Was told back in the day, that I looked like Jackie Mac
After seeing this, i see the resemblance

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Got a fair reach oan him has Jackie, some of you have heard me rabble oan about working for the old rock steady afore, one night at a European champions league game not that long before their cheating bubble burst they were playing against the surprise Romanian champions Unirea Urziceni who at that time was managed by a certain Dan petrescu and the Romanians thumped the Glasgow rangers 4-1 at ibrox. I wasn't lucky enough to see much of that game because I was outside for most of the game dealing with traffic behind the copland end. I'm standing in my high vis waving cars on this way and that etc and this tiny wee 3 door Vauxhall Corsa (2 doors and a glass boot door really) pulls up beside me with this big tall guy inside bent over slouching trying to fit into the wee motor , mark hateley 😆 couldn't believe it , he said "where do I park mate?" Like all the rest before and after him I said " you'll have to find a spot carry on forward - one way system round the stadium" that's when I clicked who it was as he drove away from me quite fast and well disgruntled, he didnt say it but I knew that he was thinking 'dont you know who I am?" None of us had been told to expect or direct any pundits anywhere , just get cars parked in the slots, this was about 08/09 and the players cars were parked long ago. I'll always remember that time , mark hateley hunched over , crick in his neck probably his wife's brief "where do I go? " words will never do it justice but it was fantastic stuff sending him right round the broomloan and back to find a space 😆😆

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