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Not so bad 50, how's yourself ?
You could be right, but as you know, Celtic is not a on dimensional team and I believe, given the opportunities on a great Celtic team, with the players alongside him, he'd grab some goals, against any opposition
As you said, the MIB's, would most likely, have the cards handy against him, depending on how the munkys are doing across the city
Stay safe my friend
We'll get this done and celebrate the 10, in spite of how many deadbeat, former 'stars' they trot out in the media
Cosgrove could potentially be the type of guy in the stuffy winter games who would be the ultimate pain in the arse for defenders to mark, he is a unit when defending from behind him, Eddie and Griff are both potential types who can feed off the freedom been created with guys like this, but again lenny is the man and he must know who he is targetting if he releasing guys and must have a plan for the new guys.

Bridie Bhoy

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So whit does everybody think of the Ajer situation?
It could mean that he is pissed off with the gobshite mouthing off to the media, or else it could mean he is really wanting the best move possible and thinks this new agency can achieve that for him.

Let's be honest, agents really make the big bucks when they negotiate a transfer deal with a new club rather than renegotiate a better deal with the same club.

michael duffy

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If he want's stay and become a legend, great, if he want's tae work his ticket (which i doubt) he can feck off,but he's been on record many times,praising the manager,the coaching staff for his development,and how much he loves being here(ah.know,where have we heard that before!), honestly think he'll be here for at least another season 🍺 πŸ₯³

The Shamrock

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I just hope that if he goes he doesn't suffer the vitriol from Celtic fans that we saw when KT left for Arsenal.

I hope he stays for the 10iar but like others before him the lure of another challenge or bigger bucks might prove overwhelming.

I'd be upset but I'd never slag him off if he went and at least we would get a pretty penny for him. Money that will help the club get through the pandemic.

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