Nah, not mental :D

It usually rains and snows all winter and stays dry the rest of the year, so rain in May is a little odd here (climate change, maybe). But it's welcome.
Larry you got me thinking about the other day I forgot the thread it was on but I remember saying to you that your supporting Celtic fc for life and that it was better than marriage 😁

Well it got me thinking and seeing you get to know about everything about our club and every bit of detail you can find out and also the commitment you put in because of the time difference is really important but hopefully worthwhile,but it just reminds me of a person falling in love again and finding something new and worthwhile a cause a purpose a chance for a new horizon and I could go on all day trying to sum up a love and a love of all things Celtic but it's truly refreshing and remarkable and gives you hope in people that when they find it everything going to be all right because I found something good worthwhile and like a beacon of hope and ray of light from heaven honestly it's so refreshing larry .

But on a personal note I've been trying to find it for days now maybe boab can find it but I remember my dad singing this about Celtic and it's a video of Tom Jones and the green green grass of home there was a video of celtic and it's ground but I can't find it but in a moment I'll get the tom Jones song and I'll dedicate it to you the words are amazing and sum up our ground and what celtic are all about larry so hail hail