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Jordan Campbell

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Rangers have proposed a rule change that would allow the SPFL to provide interest-free loans to clubs equal to the amount they would receive in prize money at the end of the season, @TheAthleticUK understands. More details below


Are they conceding the title in this statement for they will not be getting first prize and it would come across that they are declaring themselves in second come the end of the season so how arrogant when the huns have tried to claim they could potentially pip Celtic when in fact Motherwell could mathematically pip them.

So for prize money loans to be paid out positions would need to be finalised and season ended, no soft loans should be given out and/or if it were to be loans provided due to special circumstances then all clubs should recieve an equal amount of the money available. 42 teams equal share, no ifs or buts.
Excellent point Boab.


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Fr. Paul Stone


8 Apr

Fixed this for you mate
2011-12 -
RFC died.
2012-13 - still dead.
2013-14 - still dead.
2014-15 - still dead.
2015-16 - still dead.
2016-17 - still dead.
2017-18 - still dead.
2018-19 - still dead.
2019-20 - still dead.
Celtic,the asterisk years.
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Brian Glow

· 7 Apr
Replying to @pkanelka9, @Record_Sport and @Tayluur82
2011-12* - Rangers -10 points.
2012-13* - Rangers not in division.
2013-14* - Rangers not in division.
2014-15* - Rangers not in division.
2015-16* - Rangers not in division.
2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
2019-20* - Coronavirus stops season. Celtic,the asterisk years.


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I’d be careful. With the hun that is Leanne Dempster and given Rod Petrie is a Masonic c@nt I wouldn’t count on their vote. Plus Douglas Park is a shareholder in Hamilton. If they vote it down even though it’s in their best interest you’ll know why. I thought the SFA banned the same person holding shares in 2 different clubs. Who knows?? Maybe it is his wife that has the shares just like Ogilvie’s.👍


I just posted something along the same lines.....they’ll close ranks sure enough.....the Masonic call for help has gone out and they will all march to the beat of the on it


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Which clubs will vote for Celtic to be handed the Premiership title

Daily Nonsense writing for the gullibles again, when they know the story is UEFA do not want shut down and neither does Celtic due to the threat of UEFA with their european tournaments as would no club who have the opportunity to play in Europe. Shite story which makes no sense and they know clubs will vote for whats best for them as they are running businesses first and foremost, teams were caught short with the pandemic whilst one other spent what it did not have and other peoples money and is now facing a a meltdown including looking for the equivalent off state aid to bail them out in doing so are attempting to make light by disguising it as a plea for prize for all clubs.

Clubs also know if null and void was on the table they would owe fans their season ticket money back as in essence they would be stating the games never took place or that the games that did take place were meanigless and fans do not purchase a season of meaningless fixtures.

The most likely outcome is looking like there can be no solution to getting games on as there is no cure in sight for the pandemic and there is no gaurantee for players safety even if tested, social distancing must be observed abd respected across the board, once again the daily rabid talking shite. This is backburner material and a story highlighting an association of member devoid of leaders and visionaries.


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If games where played in June which I don't expect to be the scum would be saying 9 in a row still wasn't achieved and their scummy board would be the loudest shouting supported by the media the only thing that thing comes out that cesspit are lies and bitterness and bigotry


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Zombies want prize money giving oot on leauges standings.. European places handed oot on league standings but no titles handed oot because 38 games have no been completed. Well why should they get 2nd place money n euro place if mathematically Motherwell can catch them for 2nd.. u cud nae make that shit up.. deluded horrible scum cunts...

Chubbstar 51

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I just posted something along the same lines.....they’ll close ranks sure enough.....the Masonic call for help has gone out and they will all march to the beat of the on it
Absolutely the brethren as you say will close ranks that’s a given, because we all know in Scotland the home freemasonry the root of it all Fact !


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They don't want the league to finish but want the money
They don't want Celtic to win the league but they want the money
They want other clubs to have the money no they want the money
They have dug up thier pitch because it's so full of bullshit it stinks
They want the mugs to to think they are still a leading voice
What they really really want is the money
They are still in the death throws

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