Sutton commentary for Ntcham goal


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You know, I have watched that clip a few hundred times already, at least (it never gets old), and I have to wonder -- who was the Nazio guy passing to, other than Eddy? There's a player about 30 yards downfield near the touchline and a guy maybe 20 yards to his left.

Not complaining, but it was kind of a gift.


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Interesting. Every time I try to watch something someone posts on Twitter or Facebook from BT Sports, I get a "cannot view in your country" message. Could be partly (or wholly) ESPN's fault.
I cant even get BBC radio on internet during games

and in in uk


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You need a login any one does ie
Password hereiam
keep it saved and have the page bookmarked and you do not need to type to sign in just hit username box and it appears with password complaete

I normally get a repetitive for rights reasons this audio cannot be performed over internet or some such message