That other team ,ower there


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I’m sure Tina Turner will raging getting in the song book o
Typical Hun mentality. What is wrong with the peepul? Never ever known a support like theirs. They are deluded mentally challenged individuals. Believe that the world revolves around them. Thank God we are the real people. Dominant intelligent and we know our enemies, we will always win.


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The big rebuild at The House of Sevcunts is underway. I Thought Hayley McQueen was gonna pish her pants breaking the news. The big news that caused so much excitement?
Ryan Jack has signed a one year extension!!! Ohhh Fuck....we might as well hand the trophies back now. Ange will probably leave now. How can we possibly compete with world class signings like that. I'll tell ye now... that Beales a very lucky man.
…hand them back, like with the unseen fenian hand sort of thing?


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Steven Davis the currently crocked geriatric 38 years old, hun player, hasn’t be told his time is up at the death dome along with the others, we can only assume that they are thinking of offering him another contract 🤣🤣
Or they’ve put him doon, but saving the news until they’ve decided how many mycunts points required to queue for the 🧟‍♂️ awakening

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