The ‘Petrov’ Poll


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Obviously I want the ten. Like every fan out there I want to bury that tribute band. I do believe though if we had strengthened the defence last January and then strengthened again in the summer we could have built a team that is capable of competing in the champs league or getting to the end of the Europa league then surely we would have enough to win the ten anyway as we are miles ahead of the competition in scotland technically, If we play well that is 😜

John nó

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The ten is the main priority this season no question.
Yet the europa league shouldn't be ruled out as with the quality and depth of this squad can go far in this competition. So I would like us to get into the group stages and use it for the 3 younger players and fringe players to gain European experience plus game time. Of course nothing should get in the way of the 10, but if we are comfortable in the league, then why not go hard at it as it is a competition I truly believe we could actually win along with the 10iar.
When we win the 10 the huns will be no more

50 Shades of Green

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Ten....Europe comes around every year. These Bhoys will become legends.
One day Celtic supporters will sing songs about the Bhoys that won the 10.
They will be revered and idolised in the same way we revere and idolise the Lisbon Lions. This is history and we are living it COYBIG

True, songs will be written and sung, just as long as none of the Noise Bards are involved. 😱