The 29th


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The funniest one on 'Ibrox Noise' I've seen so far is the one saying Tattie Heid Morelos is worth £30 million based on an offside goal he scored against Hearts :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: They keep likening him to Dembele, claiming he's better because he's scored almost as many goals, yet they miss the facts that Dembele was injured for a long time while with us. Dembele single-handedly destroyed 'Rangers' on his O*d F**m debut, but, more than anything, he scored against PSG and Man City. He scored at an elite European level.

Never mind Dembele, Morelos isn't even on the same level as Edouard. Even Griffiths, when Griffiths is fully on his game, is much, much better than the little bad-tempered wanker who is offside more times than he's onside in most games. Deluded nutcases. These are people who claimed Andy Halliday was world class and that Ryan Jack should be Scotland captain.
Tottie heed will be off in January for 4mil, they need the cash. That's what they fear the most, Big Laffertys injury prone & Tottie heeds goalscoring can't be replaced by some cvnt on loan.

Halliday, World Class wanker & Ross future Scotland captain he canny get in tae the fvckin team, unfit cvnt. Young guy like him tae 😂😂😂😂😂😂


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I honestly just heard about this website 🤣

I dunno if it's a psychosis or the glue that's being sniffed before writing.

What if they all think like this fucking zoomer?
Wow just wow read that link, I am going to write to Photoshop and ask them to include a liquidation tool, as it seems to do a better job than an airbrush, the word liquidation has been airbrushed out of this mobs dictionary, straight from admin to lower divisions to SPFL. Not a hint of irony about anything, Ally lost Naismith and that was that.


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The Huns may have made a grave mistake in turning 95% of the hate Factory over to the gimps.

Whenever this Celtic side has not performed in Scotland it's been down to de-motivation, complacency and lacklustre performances.

One thing we do know is that our players revel in getting it right up cheeky opposition upstarts when the chips are down.

The furore over allocation and the hubris from the Huns will be the perfect preparation for our Bhoys.

Slippy Gs big job on the day will to stop his pretenders freezing.

We could blow them away in the first 20 minutes.


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Their original motivation for this ticket shite was due to not being able to take their shithole home stadium be taken over by 8000 Celtic fans during these fixtures, but now all they're going to do is allow 800 Celtic fans take it over. Hardcore hun cockwomblery.

Even if we don't take tickets, 11 Celtic players will take it over. I'm ultra-confident. I've been watching them and they're hopeless in every area compared to us, with exception of that thug goalkeeper. We absolutely steamrollered them back when we were having our 'crisis' (as the media gleefully called it) and when we were struggling badly for form, so I've got no hesitation in predicting a good old raspberry turnover.


Im glad the goats have put that up broony n griff love nothing more than smashing their shit down their throat and hammering reality into them. They positively thrive on it as do the rest of the bhoys.

Now what is this celtic are the benchmark. Our eastern friends.

Tell me bhoys n ghirls have that lot ever made you feel like a friend?

They are shitting themselves that the briefs will not be accepted as even their nit sure that questions won’t be asked.

PL remember what DK smashed home in that AGM.

Tell them to ram their briefs up their goat shaggin arses.

Keep our family safe and let the questions be asked.


Get the sentiment maria, but fuck not turning up to that midden and not supporting the bhoys..NAW never..could you imagine the bragging rights that would give the scabby phucks! Not saying this as a keyboard warrior....been in some situations...leave it at that 😉 HH

I just hate the fucks with a passion and yeah i hear you no point getting away to gie yersel a capture now 😂😂