The 29th



In case your wondering what l do am a Exorsist for the church....3am busy time! 😂😂
No i was merely thinking no sane person gets up at 3am every morning from a lovely warm bed unless they have work. 😂.

My fella starts st 4 and is away the back of three and i shudder.

I am struggling at 6:30 just now because its dark and freezing and i love my bed 😂😂

Thai Tommy

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The funniest one on 'Ibrox Noise' I've seen so far is the one saying Tattie Heid Morelos is worth £30 million based on an offside goal he scored against Hearts :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: They keep likening him to Dembele, claiming he's better because he's scored almost as many goals, yet they miss the facts that Dembele was injured for a long time while with us. Dembele single-handedly destroyed 'Rangers' on his O*d F**m debut, but, more than anything, he scored against PSG and Man City. He scored at an elite European level.

Never mind Dembele, Morelos isn't even on the same level as Edouard. Even Griffiths, when Griffiths is fully on his game, is much, much better than the little bad-tempered wanker who is offside more times than he's onside in most games. Deluded nutcases. These are people who claimed Andy Halliday was world class and that Ryan Jack should be Scotland captain.
I go follow follow a few times a week. It is like a gathering of shy individuals all being staunch and living off each others comments. Give it a month and it will be that Fenian knew, he blatantly shafted us. Warbs, Pedro, Murty were all the new coming, then not good enough.
SG has it to come


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They are hyping themselves up for a fall only problem could be when we beat them there won't be enough police on duty to stop them attacking our fans and players because they will be rabid at losing