The Benkovic Bind


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It would be worth putting a bid for him, I mean a record breaking 15m bid. Pull out all the stops. Would recoup plenty in the long run. He's potentially a 50m+ player. With him Boyata, Ajer, KT, Fuck me you're talking a defence worth 120m+. Time to think big PL. Git the cash out. HH
Leicester wouldn't sell for less than 20 mill. They will be aware of his potential. We need a new CB in Jan. 2 if Boyata doesn't sign a new deal. I'd like to see us offer Boyata what he wants and keep him. 3 year extension. Sell end if next season.

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If I were a Leicester fan, i'd be having a serious look at any manager that thinks that Wes Morgan is a better player than Benkovic.

That's why i'm clinging to the hope that Benkovic might be available, it might be the case that Puel doesn't fancy him.

Then again, I thought that about Brendan and Ryan Christie


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Without being too sadistic - I’m hoping that when he does go back to Leicester he doesn’t settle/misses us and they decide to cut their losses.

They’ve also spent £20 million on a Turkish centre half who’s just starting to play after getting a few months to learn English. With Harry Maguire, Evans, Morgan etc, you just don’t know their thinking.

The fans down there are so spoiled now that they’re also looking for new signings every window, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the big man ends up back at Celtic at some point.

He seems to love it here, - hopefully going back to Leicester is a bit of an anti-climax.


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