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Bridie Bhoy

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6 arrests Cairnsey but no serious incidents according to Police Scotland.Id day thats superb considering the thousands that turned up at the cross.Well done to the Celtic fans but i expect no less from the best fans in the world ☘️
A wonderful display of joy and celebration without the destruction, bitterness and need to display dominance over others that marred last year's riots! But I don't remember there being 6 arrests - despite there being thousands of people illegally gathered during a pandemic singing racist songs of hate while openly destroying property, and pishing, shitting & wanking in the streets and the Celtic store doorway.

Also 4 people charged with littering - when was the last time you heard of anyone being done for littering? Maybe if they had just chucked it into Joe Hart's goalmouth then they would have gotten away scot-free!

Well done to everyone connected with Celtic for a fantastic day. HH


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Was a great day yesterday the club got everything spot on for Tom N Nir a fitting send off that others should have had and also a fantastic footballing display well proud for Ange and the players

thousands who had a party at the cross the problem seems more to be they were Celtic fans , rather than the litter left ,,,,,,,,hurtin huns ,,,,,,,enjoy it


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A lot of videos and images doin the rounds of the awfy state of the city centre, if they are actually from yesterday then I have to say Im embarrassed by them as a Celtic supporter, I understand that the general behaviour compared to the scum is night and day but to leave the city in a state like that is just horrible.
If 60000 can leave paradise and not leave a mess like that around the ground then theres no need for it anywhere else.
See some of these pictures and videos are 4 years old !!! The litter was no worse had there been a concert or maybe even an orange walk on instead of celebrating Celtic supporters who by the way did their best to bag most of the litter Faux outrage dosent suit anyone

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