The Content of the Dossier Revealed


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It's already been downgraded from 'nuclear', 'smoking gun' 'a dossier to bring down the whole corrupt spfl' to a bit of wrong doing and unfair play.. 🤔 think the hunz are at it again..
If deidco had ANY verifiable evidence of corruption,wrongdoing or jiggerypokery of any kind it would've been front page news weeks ago. They're at it. They're always at.
Poor (literally) Sevco. All they have is lies.

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This is a load of💩,something not right here ,,sfa ,should demand immediate proof of any wrongdoing ,hh
Absolutely Ray think they are trying to get the 25th hoping we will not be given the title so they can say it’s got to be a null and void season not finished,another thing the Stinkies keep prattling on about tainted title well when the governing body say the league ,the season is over it’s over wether it 1 10 15 20 30 35 45 games,it’s over
Sit back Smelly mc Moist ,and all your side of the klan the end is the end , you just need to suck up they all know what comes after 9 just in case they forget it’s 10 that’s right 10 in a ROW here wee go !


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3758 pages of angry rants spelling mistakes and sectarian abuse ,,,,,that about right

It's got charlie a need attention nicholas shitting himself even though he talks scottish football and celtic down the other windae lickers not far away still tryin to stay relevant

Sevco have been tipped off they don't have the numbers they haven't so much pulled back they've shriveled up

either a watered down version with 3756 pages missing will be put forward sayin no surrender ,,,but we surrender or nothing will be put forward saved for another day as more important things like corona virus are more important

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