The Coronation

Just noted all the celebs at a Charlie's Coronation, mmm I cannot recall seeing anyone mentioned represening the Royal Families most loyal subjects, surely the Govan lots invite did not go missing in the post.🤔

Perhaps moleman or someone from their forum can enlighten us as to why. They normally can conjure some explanation for just about anything. 💂‍♀️👑
This cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Someone went to the trouble to hire be pretendy guards 🤣🤣

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Oh for...and I cannot emphasize this enough..........Fuck Sake
What a bunch of absolute gimps
Cardboard cutouts, Buwahahahaha...could they get more embarrassing or cringey
Maybe they can get the PEEPO, who burned the cardboard Slippy G cut out, to make an appearance after their buroo money is cut off
I was up at 04:00, but just to let Georgia out for a pee, so I have not, will not, see any of that gong show
Mon the Hoops
Stay safe Bhoys & Ghirls, the town centre is not a place to be today,
Watch out, there's zombies about