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Wee idea I had today. You can only post once and the only posts allowed will be nominations. I will ask WC to delete anything off-topic. You vote by liking or the wee heart. You don't have to vote on your own nominee if somebody makes a more convincing case for another player so you can change your vote by unliking the original post and liking the other one. There'll be a final vote date and the 10 most popular go in the Noise Hall Of Fame which will be a closed thread with only the nominations posts in descending order of popularity.

Some people like Henrik require no words to explain why they deserve to be in the HOF but if you nominate a player they are your responsibility so be sure to state their case. Posts can be edited as much as you like before the final vote. There will be a cut off point for edits in reasonable time before voting closes.
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As we are a Club and forum open to all the Hall Of Fame is not restricted to Celtic players. I will use my nomination for this lad. I don't expect him to make the 10 and won't be voting for him myself but I think he is deserving of honourable mention.


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