The Kavanaugh hearing.

The Shamrock

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I hope this era of openness makes those who are abusers stop and think about their behaviour. In the past people got away with it because of the shame their victims felt. Victims aren't just women but men and children are too.

michael duffy

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that's what I was trying to say, i'm 65,back then there was no social media to highlight issues,if you tried to report abuse,it was more than likely you were reporting to another abuser that's why it is historic abuse, social media let victims know there were others like them, they weren't alone, keep shining the light HH:cry:

Big Bobo's bunnet

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Well said.
^^^^^^ I agree with everything above. I'm not doubting her. I can tell the way he is flapping he is guilty as sin imo . One point I feel hasn't been covered is the timing. The timing is irrelevant. I know this. If someone decides to stand up and out an abuser then it's irrelevant. Cough
It's being used as a sick beating political tool at the right time. I'd guess this has been held back. I'm guessing it was reported long ago and held on a back burner till now?
I don't like that part. If what I've said is half right then it is an extension of censorship. Don't talk till we tell you to. BAD