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It looks like the Times Journalist who has opened up this can of worms did not think about the consequences it would bring..
Innocent people are being threatened now and all because a journalist from the Times had nothing better to write the looks of things the whole of swallow swallow actually believe that HMRC were WRONG for going after sevco for tax evasion,,some of them actually think sevco will get a tax rebate,,maybe if that happens then they can pay the 276 creditors who still have not had a penny from them..strangely enough I did not see any significant comments about not having paid their creditors, maybe I am just being picky for thinking a subject such as not paying their debts should also have been mentioned,or maybe the unamed accounts company who supplied them with this information did not include they had not made an effort to pay their creditors in the last 7 years..
I wonder why he did not mention the fact that sevco were in court today to answer to the allegation from Memorial Wall Ltd that sevco pulled out of a contract between them at the last minute,or maybe they only report on what they know the zombies will not be able to decipher..for themselves..