The photograph thread

'Let There be Light'

Even common birds can be made beautiful when you get them 'striking the pose' in great light. For this image, light was fading fast and I took full advantage. I intentionally under exposed to darken the background, which was already in dark shadow. This also brought out great detail on the Swan. I thought it turned out quite moody with elegance.
This is full frame, so thinking about printing it large. Should print 4 feet x 3 feet without loss of image quality :)

I was going to put thin the hobbies thread but it was becoming a hobby trying to find it so I’ll fire them on here since it’s photos,after 11 months on and off, a jigsaw and cordless drill and a fair few curses banged heads and cuts ma shaggin wagons finally done


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This is probably one of the most difficult birds to photograph in flight. They are so fast. I was photographing Eider in flight yesterday after the match. Have tae, am addicted ;) Anyway this Sparrowhawk made a quick appearance, as it flew past I managed to get the focus locked on, and got a few shots. A first for me... All over in a split second..