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Did ye see the woman chippy owner up the Highlands? She filmed herself outside her shop with a sign saying “Lizard Liz is dead” while popping a bottle o champagne or something and celebrating. She posted it on you tube. The toon went mental and bricked her chippy. She had to get a Police Escort oot o there.
Her chipper is now officially fucked.
I wouldn't be surprised if she said "it was worth it". Probably descended from the survivors of the Highland Clearances, surrounded by boot-licking planters.


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EDIT he's now in the looney bin sraightjacket on and doing the largactle shuffle up n down the landing 😂

Frank Owen

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Brilliant = 1, all monarch should be forced to watch it.
Because they would never see it on the BBC or the ABC.
The only TV channel that has ever been truthful about UK's history is the Arab channel Aljazeeza
Sadly scotcel, I feel the polarisation which we now have in politics has left us with a situation where truth has become a casualty. I can't speak about the broadcasting organisation you speak of, I've only watched the odd programme here and there.
But the rise in politically driven media has all but crushed genuine debate in my opinion. Especially in America. Those stations, right and left, are perfectly aware of the preferences of their audience. They control the narrative to suit.
I get the impression you like to read, as I do, about politics . Ezra Klein's book titled Why We're Polarized, is the best I've read in a long time. Well worth a look.