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What about this Grandson - what the feck did he get all these medals for?

Handing in his homework on time? Passing a trigonometry exam? Having the fastest handstroke in his year at Eton?

It is a good job his Granny never made it to a 100 otherwise he would have run out of room for medals on his suit jacket!

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Mibbes It’s his BB Queens badge


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Ian Blackford eating his soup with Kay Burley
He's no stranger to the trough by the looks of him
The sooner this whole WM thing is gone, the better
As the saying goes:
"Guy Fawkes, the only man to ever enter Westminster, with honest intentions"
I want Scotland to break free from this Union, but he's doing his party no favours, by coming out on the side of guys like McCoist, Souness, the Huns


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There's a documentary on utube from Al jazeera the Labour files all the shit about anti semitism in the Labour Party when corbyn was leader was smears from Jews becuase he openly supported Palestine its free to watch on utube if yous are interested