The Real Problem With The Scottish Sports Press ...

James Forrest

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read it over on Celtic Blog James, great piece 100% HH
MD saw your comments over by noticed the tin hat brigade had took to the hills, away to read up on the big words and work out what pavlov dogs was about.What about this on the day JF calls them out on shite news this piece appears
Can Boyd remember his eight dogs' names
The only guy i believe who never gave a shit about the huns was Alex Thomson.


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That is spot on James, you have put into words what I have been thinking for a long time. I never understood this balance of opinions. In the interests of fairness and balance we have to give airtime to liars. How is that fair or balanced? In most cases there is only one truth and we all know it.
Hail Hail fae PRD


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I would like to think that when they started out they were at least half way honest but once in the cluches of the ignorant people who train them plus to toe the party line also one or two funny handshakes along the way all thoughts of honest reporting went out the window,the recent reporting about Celtic and thier players has been pure fantasy,take the sending of McKenna some of the comments ranged from never a sending off to harsh only a yellow they stopped short of the Celtic player diving.honest journalism was lost long ago at times the sport reports don't even make good fiction