The Term Legend


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Celtic are built on mythology and legend. Entire teams can earn legendary status, but for an individual to gain legendary status, then their efforts have to be meaningful.

The 1957 team are writ in legend, but only because of one particular result. There won't be many individuals in that team who earned legendary status (although Sean Fallon would achieve that honour a decade later).

Where do you place Harald Brattbakk in that list? Until he scored that second decisive goal against St Johnstone, there were hundreds of thousands of Celtic fans gasping for breath due to panic attacks and facing the worst case scenario.

I wouldn't regard him as a true legend, but he definitely saved a few lives that day.

We all have our own individual icons and we all know the collective legends. It's not those who have gone before I'm concerned about, it's the legends yet to come I'm interested in.
Great post, as always, SP. Brattbakk was more of a cult hero, I would say