They call this celebrating their culture - Disgusting

Pope Mikus Maximus

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Imagine having to offer temporary accommodation to folk whose health my be affected by the toxicity of the bonfires. Just send the fire brigade to every single one of them along with armed polis.
They send the fire brigade in to spray water on homes to stop them from catching fire. You couldn't make it up. Millions in public money wasted in emergency services, policing, environmental cleanup etc every year.



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Scum, a prick that can't think for himself, longs to be reigned over by an establishment that couldn't give a feck about him or his mates, probable Tory voter as if he's Scottish he can't vote for the DUP, a man who is filled with hate and anger, and if any of his mates are lurkin, 10iar is coming, Zombies 2 is in the post, United Ireland, hopefully in his lifetime, and who knows, maybe even the break up of Cruel Brittania. ???


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If you read the article , the OO are now claiming bawnds are hired fkn hired another it wizny us type statement ,

Glasgow council promoting hate marches still in 2019ffs get this scum off the streets

Hittin a lassie is fkn low but spitting on one the cnut should be tarred n featherd

[B]Liam.[/B]‏ @[B]parcelorogues[/B] Jul 7

spent so much time perfecting the "P" in "Bridgeton Proddy Boys" that he then fucked up the date in 1690, what level of staunch is this