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They have a system in place for playing us as last season it almost worked but they went to Dubai and came back fighting with each other whereas we came back and fought to win. Their fans are an entitled lot and some of our younger fans don't know much about losing the league and expect the team to win it regardless ,nobly takes one injury and a couple of players out of form and the picture changes. Over a number of season we have seen European teams expose the frailties of our wing backs getting caught up the park its the way we are used to playing in the league where 9times out of 10 we don't have to worry about it but it's there. If we get to the group stages brilliant if we don't it won't be the end of the world but the financial loss might see a player getting moved on to fill the void. The transfer window is open later so that gives a better chance of getting players in than before.


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👏👏👏🍀🍀🍀 Great reply
Why thank you kind sir though it was a fair point I've always been optimistic about Celtic and our chances v anyone esp at CP my brother is a Celtic pessimist who always sees the negatives which does my head in , im like "bro 9iar , invincible, treble treble which may yet become quadreble, what's not to be pessimistic about 😂☘✌
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Agree with that although it looked to me as though the sevconian went in with a two footed lunge but Considine was quicker and went in low, ref could have sent either of them off imho.
Exactly. That dirty bastard should have been booked for his lunge. Not a word said. All their usual hype was laid bare for all to see. They are fucking shit. Their midfield has nothing. Rat face was anonymous too. They wont stop us, only we can fuck ourselves up. They pricks arent good enough to do it. We get in another couple of defenders and it's going to be a rout.

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