This better no be right🙈🙈🙈


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Any cunt with a D oan his keyboard could mimic you 🤪🤪🤪

Dare u go exJaggeratin agen, u meant almost any!
4 example no probs ever wiv any typically tik as fuk brit cunt

But alass regular humans r a challenge, yes
So while ur claim is almoste tru! all u now need is a Dorse.

A D, A Dave Kingdome for a D



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kinda cute d way u add wee digital icons to ur stuck in d 1970's mindset points.
u show how time can fly.
U completely missin out on evolution 4 a few decades.
When wiz Ali G 🤔🤔🤔 aw that’s right the 90s😂😂😂like the wee digital icons you used oan the pic absolutely fuckin D amazing 🙈🙈 BTW a don’t wear man a wars
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You win the most truthful post on the noise the day,goalie has a hole in his gloves defence has a hole Awww fuck you know we’re an gaun, personally I think Celtic would huv won18-0 if it wizny for leaked teamsheet .......... REALLY
Glue a condom to a hole in a shower curtain, let the lads get their 🕳️ and relieve the 🗣️ bubble. Happy, days are here again.


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Deer Tubba
as much as yu r D typical 1970's brit persona - 1 of s0w littal intellekt & evn less kultur
I'll leave u b now & let u imagin u won as u deserv a break!.
on d plus side u r as borin as fuk

it's just no fair 2 keep on hittin d dfence less, even wen dey naively choos 2 start.
So here you go, no hard feellins (just like from yur neck down) -
have a wee dance along with donal, a similar era simpel mindset 2 yurself a middle age not so young 'man' in d 70's

of cours U cannycheck anymor wots goin on below, but u aktuallee did leav a pair of deid club pants on?
u silly zombie


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