TikTok to announce a new signing ?


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Have to laugh when I read that the club have used the waens app tiktok to announce polish paddys signing with hoopy. I understand that the club are and should explore all avenues of cyberspace etc but unless you're a young teenager or younger I'd have to be asking the waen to tell me what is happening with Celtic? Release the news with hoopy to cater for the kids on tiktok but cmon tf release the news officially properly at the same time where the vast majority of us will get it. Official Twitter, Facebook accounts etc. What next? Will soro if he signs be announced on cbeebies? ๐Ÿ™„


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TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. WTF are Celtic using this for ๐Ÿฅด ๐Ÿบ

My first thought.....Some marketing guy no doubt thought it would be a good idea.....to latch on to this platform because of the name Tik Tok = CelTic Talk and to tap in to the massive Chinese market

Another thought.....Perhaps the Celtic Board have an admiration and affinity with the autocratic way the Chinese run things...


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Or simply someone at the club thinks that we should embrace all platforms? Nothing wrong with that but this is a poor choice of announcing a multi million pound signing for me. It's also poor PR kids use tiktok for miming songs and dancing as far as I know. Kids being kids. If whoever's thought this to be a good idea to give the kids the exclusive on polish paddy needs a wake up call. Like a few others at the club. We have put ourselves in a title race instead of 8pts clear. When the warnings were there but went unheeded. My concern is we, no our board underestimate them truth be told. I'm probably overstating , overreacting even. I'm not panicking as I believe in the players,abilities , mentality and depth in strength. This is no ordinary Celtic side and their achievements and successes over my 35 years or so supporting Celtic I've been privileged to see, they've blown Celtic, truly great Celtic sides achievements out of the water. I'm usually cups and trophies half full kind of person, not intending to be negative. I worry as I see an owner, or worse still i dont see him. Why? I see a CEO paid more money than his EPL counterparts. Chew on that for a bit but Why ?for being able to make money selling our best players for peanuts? Failing to reach the cl group stages 6 seasons out of 10? 19or 20 mill for dembele was a mistake but the board were too weak to stand their ground. My concern isn't tiktok. It's the boards arrogance, that they believe we should win regardless , that we have some god given right to win . Weve brought in great players that the board are happy with themselves, think they have done their jobs. Why aren't those players performing? Shved, in particular. Also sevcos brought in some decent players that shouldn't even be competing with us. Does this not concern our board? Are they supporters like us? I identify as a supporter by supporting the club financially, tickets, merchandise etc. They are fans. Earning bonuses for selling our best and often world class players thanks to experience gained at CP. I hope I'm proven wrong and there is a marquee signing for us. I had hoped (taking nothing away from polish paddy ) we were now showing the gulf between us and the rest. 9mill eddy 6/7 mill julien. The green brigades banner of falling asleep at the wheel had best not be prophetic or there will be not just players leaving and cut price deals coming in. Weve shown we can spend and buy the correct player , at prices affordable to the club. If this board fails in its duty to deliver given their top fees there can never be any redemption for them. Polish paddy as good as his online goals look everyone knows he wasnt first choice and we are once more haggling over peanuts missing out on our targets due to the boards arrogance. Hammond has identified players firing on all cylinders and Lewis Morgan was too good to be left out? Really ? I must've missed something there , either that or were selling on of our best prodigies for 2months worth of Pls wages. Doesn't add up we deserve to know what tf is going on and I don't mean who is coming in or out. Scott sinclair another debacle extending his contract cost the club money. How does that add up to PL ? as the UK's higgest earning football CEO I'd have thought as a simple layman it's his job to get the best out of our club. Hes getting the best out of the club alright, personally at least. Hows about doing you're job Peter? Celtic should have flexed the muscle much more by now and wed hand been out of sight by now. (Rant done if not over)

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