Time for change


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Lenny has been getting all the flack recently but does anybody think there is any mileage in trying to bring back Big Johanne and Damien Duff to replace Kennedy and young Strachan? Give Lenny at least a fighting chance.

I get where yer coming from Vigo but it ain't going to happen mate, Gavin Strachan is just in the door and there's no way he'll be shown said door so soon and Kennedy seems to be a favourite of Lawell so we're stuck with them for now.

Truth is Lenny should have insisted on choosing his own coaching staff the minute he took the job on permanently, the fact he didn't has no doubt contributed to the mess we're in now.


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I said previously that something needs to change. Surely Lawwell recognises this?? We can't simply sit and watch a slow motion car crash and not do something. If it's not a new manager then back Room freshened up.
Just dae somethin Peter.