Tony Blair on TV defending his record on human rights, as a socialist, I sadly cannot hang him from the nearest lamppost, so what do we do with this

it's not so much trumpton Millsy,it's the bastaarts behind the scenes,giving him the bullets to fire,look at reagan,was the sideman to a chimpanzee, ffs! and they reckoned he was a "great" (communicator,great at reading scripts, ffs!) president,aye wee cheney (iago) in the background,america is run by the military,industrial complex,oil and big money,the population fed shit and "fake nooz" from their gelded media (no offence Icafario) and a wee shout out tae princeton,yale etc,and their wee secret and not so secret societies,because we all know which "society" is callin the shots!
heard this in a movie
One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Very true Michael it's actually spot on it's not the clowns in "office " it's the sharks in the background that dictate political power for corporate America after all they paid for it. GOD BLESS AMERICA! fuck right off!
Been really bad tonight. Just had a munchie box and a shish kebabe delivered and its fkn dynamite 🀣🀣[/QUOTE
got an all day breakfast fae the buffalo grillhouse and projectiled the lot doon the lavvy pan yesterday! ma fry up days are over!!!!!
Can that Stella no cook mucker? HAW chardonnay make that man a meal....FFS! πŸ˜‚