Total embarrassment tonight

John Hughes

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I've only been so pissed off with celtic three times in my life. My first celtic/oldco game around about 74/75 and they cuffed us 3-0 in the new years game. ParlaneWalked home to Govan and threw my scarf away in disgust. Second time was when Atletico Madrid beat us 2 - after that infamous game at paradise. And the embarrassment of tonight.


Neil Lennon needs to go now. I didn't think he was the man for the job when he was appointed. I appreciate what he did after Brendan the traitor left but he previously left Celtic and blew it at Bolton and Hibs ffs Best to forget about Europe get 10IAR and stick it up the hun bastards. I grew up with the Lisbon Lions I was at Hampden in 1965 when Jock Stein won his first trophy - the start of a wonderful time. That day my dad and my uncle were crying their eyes out cos it was Celtic's first trophy since 1957 League Cup Final Celtic 7 huns 1. I was 9 years old in 1965 and that's when I realised what Celtic Football Club was all about something very dear and special. Tonight's defeat is one of the most hurtful in my love for this great club. I know we can't win every game but I can't accept passive defeat. So come on Mr Desmond put it right and let's get 10IAR along with the Scottish Cup and the League Cup don't let the deluded 8 year old hun bastards spoil the party. Let's get someone to get us back on track, take the nervousness out the team and instill some self belief. COYBIG


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Gutted watching that tonight
I had hope in the first 15 minutes, when we looked to have them on the ropes, but after their second goal went in, you could see our players heads drop
That sefence needs sorting out, it's panic stations from dead ball situations, when the cross comes in
Let's not forget, they also hit the post, and the crossbar
And this was not their strongest 11 ??
They harried us, and pressured us into mistakes, but not enough fight in our team
How did our defence get to be this bad ?
Ajer & Jullien aside, we haven't got a clue when the ball is swung over
Ach, I'm pissed off, like everyone else, but it's out of my control, so I'll just have to support them and not let these brutal defeats, affect my mental or physical health
Stay safe
Blame the players , not Lennon , if you are playing against a Sparta b team , you should have the courage , skill , passion between you all to win
Fucking disgrace
Sorry but Will Celtic Sell all the players and let Lennon continue to Manage? No ! Of course they won’t. Blaming players just does not work. The Manager always takes the Hit. Lennon Out!


Well-known member in the same boat....we all wanted Neil to do it...but Celtic is bigger than any one man, whether he be Celtic daft or not....I feel sorry for Neil, I really do...Its a sad state of affairs man...a sad state of affairs
Saddens the fuck oot o me that NFL won’t be here for the 10 but as Lennono says no one bigger than the Club.
But let’s hope he’s safe and healthy as he doesn’t look good at the moment as he is and always will be a Legend at Celtic
HH NFL thanks.
and no I’ve not got insider information just a feeling he’s on his way out.
But let’s hope the next manager is a Real Football man and not a real Celtic man just fir. as we need someone who can motivate coach and improve the best Squad in Scotia because they are.

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