Transfer Round-up

Bridie Bhoy

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I think Kouassi won't feature, except in League Cup games (if he remains with us). Hopefully Gordon is the same as that means Bain is continuing his excellent form from last season.

Connell is a long-term prospect but hope he gets eased in and hope Henderson gets the occassionsl run out too as we rotate our squad to keep players fresh. They both have the talent in abundance so big hopes for them.
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It's an interesting mental exercise based on presumption of the future based on the past. I'd love to know if Kouasssi is simply prepared to take a wage or is determined to stake his place. So much comes down to whether they have a will to win or not. Is it just a job or a passion? BTW Did you notice who won the Netball World Cup today? Who was beaten by a baw hair at The Cricket World Cup and will win the Rugby World Cup 3 times in a row. Mental strength and teamwork trumps talent.