Transfer Round-up

Am I missing something here?

Maybe our perspectives here are a wee bit askew because of the loss of one of our own, but do we all become judge and jury on the basis of less than half-a-dozen games?

The boy plays in a specialised position which requires a good deal of support from the player in front of him and a great deal of communication from the boys to his right.

That takes time and with all due respect to Lewis Morgan and Scott Sinclair, doubling back in defence is not the strongest part of their respective games.

It may well be that the boy is a dud, but the eye says that he has something about him. At the very least, we owe him some support - because whether we like it or not, he's the man in the shirt and until something else comes along, then he may well be the difference between Champions League football or the Europa League.


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That may be, but he was OK against St. Johnstone. Only one miscue that I could see.

We're talking about Bolingoli, not Messi. Jesus. Give the guy a break.
I understand your point, and it is true he was not as bad against St Johnstone but I am not convinced that the guy has much of anything to offer.
It may seem to some to be harsh criticism considering that he has not been here for very long but for me it is the same as I felt after a few games watching Bangura or Balde. It was obvious that neither of them were good enough to play for Celtic. I consider his footballing ability at a similar level.
I don't know who is responsible for the signing of Mbombo but he is definitely not of the quality required to play for Celtic and certainly not for 3 million quid, Vienna are laughing their heads off.
I certainly feel that Boli needs a run in the team. I can't believe that he is as bad a player as he seemed to be the other night, although his time is running out and the guy needs to understand that.
But there is a general point about Europe and that is that we must shake off this inferiority complex about it. Someone says "rabbits in headlights" and we must really start to believe in ourselves. Granted, the sad events of this week and the perception that Celtic are not really interested in having a good team will take a while to shake off, but we must now surely all rally to the cause. I am wanting a quadruple treble in Scotland, and a start must now (today!) be made to using that £25 million. If that money is still in the bank on September 2, then there will be trouble. Did I hear someone say something about Stuart Armstrong?


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He should be given a chance to show he can play. But not in any CL games or against Sevco. Too much at stake to let wishful thinking blight our thinking on how we need to win.

Right now he is a complete liability. Of that there can be no doubt. Will he get better? Only time will tell, but the games he needs to possibly achieve that should not be vital to our main objectives. If we bring in another LB, one who actually is a LB would be nice Peter, then he will be backup. He’s young and has time to get his shit together. I hope he does. But, I won’t let that hope, put our objectives in harms way. And neither should anybody else. It’s down to Boli to step up.


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Another lb and a rb are required but you wonder if the club will get them in the activity at the start looked promising but has suddenly ground to a halt hoping they are working on some quality and not cheap alternatives

Bridie Bhoy

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The KT saga has dragged on for weeks now and knew if/when he went we would be receiving £25m. Therefore I assume we have a short list of high quality targets lined up ready to buy in the next few days. If we don't snd only start looking now then that is negligent management. C'mon PL - you need to play a blinder now!


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I've a feeling our business is done. Players leaving is more important to lenny. Players out then maybe a couple of low key signings. Imo they won't be players that will get you up off your seats.


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I've a feeling our business is done. Players leaving is more important to lenny. Players out then maybe a couple of low key signings. Imo they won't be players that will get you up off your seats.
VVD= who
Armstrong = what
Foster = who is he
Wyamma = who is he
Delia and KT inexperienced debut = what are you mad
Neil Lennon v Barcelona = Tony watt
Hibs = undefeated v Rodgers
Lennon after Rodgers = Hibs twice on the bounce and treble secured.


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Getting your points boab. But there are players out there who obviously don't set the Heather alight.
Yep but thats the gamble, Ambrose was not really appreciated and we can understand as mistakes cost games, but he went to Hibs and under Lenny he settled and we struggled under Rodgers to break down Hibs that contained Ambrose and this was aslo true of Sevco, Ambrosse was in his comfort zone, we have to allow a comfort zone and safety blanket to Boli and lets see what the rapid Vienna boy can offer once settled.
There are plenty of leagues where £5-6m gets you a player of quality. England for me is a total waste of time with their over inflated wages for players we wouldn’t put in the team.

I just hope we seize this opportunity to strengthen to the extent we qualify for the CL. The tin will burst at the seams. More importantly, we will have a better team whose value will increase keeping the cycle going.

We can all see that our team with a few quality additions will move to a level nobody at home will be able to touch as well as playing in Europe better and who knows maybe even a couple of wins in the CL. For me even getting there will be fucking brilliant. Doing well once we are there and I may just reduce my CL Valium consumption.

Be decisive and bold Celtic. That’s what this club should be all about. Let’s start throwing punches that will knock all who want us to fall, the fuck out.

Amen :)