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That is a bit of a waste. I'm not too sure Lenny always got the best out of Big Tam. He will enjoy the hotter temperatures but he could be playing at a higher standard for another couple of years. Good luck anyway and thanks for some incredible memories.
I can actually understand why Rogic called time upon his celtic career, with the game becoming so much faster with a much higher work rate needed within the game today.
A Rogic type of player is going to start becoming a dying breed within todays game as would be classed more as a luxury player with the undisputed talent of being able to unlock the tightest of defences imo.
Still a place for such a player with his talent within Scottish football, but maybe less so in the bigger games when the work rate without the football is deemed as a better fit for a team these days, so more of an impact sub maybe in the bigger games as such.
Yet how to potentially team back up with lenny totally baffles myself as can't make any sense of it whatsoever, especially from a player well capable of offering so much better than what's he looks like accepting.
Very strange one imo.


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Don’t know it this has been posted before, but aw our important 1st team players are tied up on long term contracts, looking good for the next couple of years 👍View attachment 19506
Good thing about this is none of best players are going anywhere soon unless serious money is offered.
Turnbull has 2 I see on the list , dont we have a 1 year option on Turnbull's contract as well?

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