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probably does get smaller

the cartoon program I used requires you to position the item then move it across the screen but to get it to flip round you need to mess about with horizontal and vertical settings and sometimes that means the different frames of the cartoon might be different size for each scene unless you are clued up on it properly

I just took a 4 second cartoon and repeated it for the song :p

to make a 4 second cartoon takes 24 frames x 4 which is bit time consuming

imagine making a full length Disney cartoon :p:p:p:p

id need about 1700 years :p


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took a picture off internet cut off the legs and stuck it through cartoon program to create a moving figure to try sync to the latest wee tune I recreated

turns out its copyright tune

I thought it was old traditional tune so thats new one LMAO

I was quite impressed with the dancing dude considering it took 20 minutes to make the video :p:p:p:p:p

6 2 sec videos gelled and repeated over and over as best I could sync it to the music


looks like he has ripped trousers when he waddles back and forth