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Todays cover version was quite an ambitious attempt.

Trying to keep the music balanced with all the different instruments competing for space, coupled with the amount of processing it exerted on my wee computer was quite a challenge at some points there were 30 different instruments all contributing simultaneously.

Im complete amateur at this

I tried downloading 3 x 20 sec videos from a Creative Commons site. then time stretched/cut and then rejigged in a way that tries to fit the music.

24 minute version of the Pink Floyd classic with some rather weird keyboard synths but overall it seemed quite a decent attempt and a weird wee trip visually that aint perfectly synced but given I time stretched 1 minute of video to fit 24 minute video it was quite an interesting experiment.

feel free to criticise if you watch the video

might be a decent wee tune for a mind bender with time and some headphones


Top class TET
Among my favourite Floyd numbers
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Goes out to all those Celtic fans stuck in the 1970's.
Your imagined good old days BS, better musicians etc...

Nothing done way back then (apart from Celtic) was better. Jackie O'Brien (Celtic fan family & band of Sneaky Pete intro) on bass as good as any of your auld rock sounds.

Hey sammy Coincidentally, to help you, just like the song I'll be going back & forth in your mind 24/7/365

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