UEFA,do they actually know what is happening in the real world,?


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UEFA president warns of 'qualifiers' for clubs from cancelled leagues

many governments are not giving go ahead to start football ,by uefa in all their wisdom ,now say ,if finished early you may have to qualify,makes you think?????
Does this include the 'big' leagues as well ray? Or just the small league's. We already need to qualify anyway so shouldn't effect us surely?


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Looks like the big leagues also ab ,!!! but the point is that uefa are not paying attention to the situation and football must continue at all costs,money again ,?hh
Sorry mate meant to say the link wasnt working because I am on my phone, aye they seem to be putting the money be4 the players health etc. Shocking. If it's not safe for fans to be there, then it should be the same for the players.

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